Meet The CEO

Tasha Odunuyi is a master of many trades and a serial entrepreneur. She is a graduate of The National Personal Training Institute  and holds a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker, self taught Fashion Designer and has a love for interior decorating which she hopes to incorporate under her company with the  many other services to become a name you should  definitely know. Outside of business she enjoys speaking to women on the importance of self care and many other topics we deal with as women. 

One of the visions birthed through Tasha is Diella Designs. A full line of women's clothing with a purpose to empower , uplift and motivate women  through fashion to love themselves and to become all God created them to be. Helping women to be confident enough to step out in bold prints and patterns. She believes that every woman has a level of fierceness and Diella Designs is on a mission to help  woman  dig deep to see it in themselves. 

Every piece of the line is hand crafted and custom instructed with intention. The same degree of care she brings to each garment is the same level of excellence she brings to each life she encounters. Her motto is "Do it with your whole heart or don't do it at all."

The most important and meaningful of her accomplishments is that she is more than a survivor-she is victorious. Tasha overcame physical, mental and emotional abuse for a period of 10 years from her step father growing up as a young girl. Now she uses her experience to wholeheartedly serve women towards their physical and internal beautification though what she does through Diella Designs. When she is encouraging women she comes in contact with you will always hear her say, "It's never too late. You are evolving and your untold story is a testament to help free another woman. You break FREE and reach back and FREE someone else. You can trust that you'll never leave Tasha without having received an encouraging word. It's in her DNA


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